Your Room

Smart Card

Our guests receive a contactless smart card that serves various functions during their stay and must therefore always be taken with you when leaving the room. The card should be handled with care. In particular, it must not be bent or kinked.This card not only opens your hotel room, it also gives you access to all areas of the hotel that are relevant to you.
During your stay in the hotel room, you must insert the card into the card reader next to the room door to switch on the electricity in the room.


All our hotel rooms and apartments are non-smoking rooms. Smoking is permitted on the balconies, but prohibited in the hotel rooms and on open windows. We reserve the right to charge all special cleaning expenses and lost revenue if a room smells of smoke.

Smoking is also not permitted in the public areas of the hotel by law.

Room Temperature

The hotel room is silently brought to the set temperature - as long as all windows are closed.
If the outside temperature is below the usual room temperature, the room is heated. If the outside temperature is above the usual room temperature, the room is cooled. Heating and cooling are deactivated when the windows are open.
Since the hotel rooms are always supplied with sufficient fresh air, we strongly recommend keeping the windows closed at all times of the year in order not to impair the function of the air conditioning technology. It is not intended to cool rooms quickly after they have not been cooled for a long time - for example, because a window was permanently open.


All radiators have thermostats that regulate the room temperature independently at low outside temperatures. The usual temperature in living rooms of approx. 21 ° C can be reached with level 3. The recommended temperature of approx. 18 ° C for bedrooms can be reached with level 2.
In rooms of type "Small", electronic room temperature controllers are installed, on which the desired temperature can be set. The heating is switched off when the windows are open.



To open or tilt the windows, the button on the window handle must be pressed. As soon as a window is open, the heating and cooling are switched off. Therefore, you should always keep the windows closed and, if possible, close them while you are on the balcony. When you are away, always close all windows.
All windows have electric shutters, which gives guests the opportunity to completely darken the room at any time.



All normal windows can be tilted or opened completely and have blinds that - if used correctly - can effectively shade the rooms.

In the hotel rooms / apartments of the "Large" and "Medium" categories there is a fanlight above the balcony door, which can be conveniently operated using a lever next to the balcony door. It also has insect protection and can therefore be used permanently for ventilation in summer.
Apart from the fanlight, all windows must always be closed when you are away.

The skylight windows in rooms of type "Small" are electrically controlled. The emergency opening may not be used. The controls for operating the windows are located far below the window (often next to a radiator). In some rooms there is also a central switch for controlling the windows near the entrance.
Roller blinds are installed in the roof windows for darkening and shading.