Family & Kids

Children in the Hotel

A hotel is not a children's playground. Children must always be supervised by an adult during their stay in the hotel and must not be left alone in hotel rooms, not even for a short time.

Special care should be taken when using the elevator and the automatically opening doors, which have the most modern security facilities, but cannot exclude all the risks that can arise from improper use.


There are really many public playgrounds in the area. We will be happy to tell you more on request.


Especially in the warm season, playgrounds with sand and water are very attractive for children. You will find such a playground on the Neckarwiese (Uferstraße), on the Alla-Hopp-Anlage, and for a fee also in the Heidelberg Zoo and the Tiergarten swimming pool.

City Tour for Kids

An exceptional offer is the children's city map of the city of Heidelberg, where the Heidelberg old town and its sights and facilities are presented specially prepared for children. Divided into different categories, places and historical life in the city are explained in an entertaining and entertaining way for children - and adults also learn stories and backgrounds that they did not yet know.

Animal Parks

Animals fascinate children of all ages. The Heidelberg Zoo in particular has a large and attractive range (including petting zoo) that is by no means a matter of course even for large cities. You can also visit the free zoo of the city of Walldorf (with petting zoo) or the public bird park in Plankstadt. Or you can take a walk in the Hartwald (forest) and stop by the wild boar and red deer enclosures in Oftersheim. The close-by city of Leimen also has a few animal enclosures on the edge of the forest, which are particularly known for their white albino deer. In the Luisenpark in Mannheim there is a children's farm and some animal and bird enclosures.

Public Transport

Children up to the age of 5 use local public transport free of charge. A children's ticket is required from the age of 6. Taking strollers on buses and trains should not be a problem outside of peak hours.
Only the mountain railways are not really suitable for prams.

Family activities

See Family Activities on the website of the city of Heidelberg as well.