Public Transportation

Tram and Bus

In order to get to the old town, we recommend our guests the use of tram and bus connections, as these are convenient and easy to travel for outside people than by car.

Especially with the trams of the line 22 you reach - without change over the main station and the new congress center directly to the Bismarckplatz - the beginning of the pedestrian zone.

For public transport, we advise you at the front desk. Also common tickets are available for cash directly at the reception. The full range of tickets is available at the vending machine at the tram stop or at the bus stop near our Guesthouse. There payment by debit or credit card is possible as well as in cash.
Furthermore the use of buses and trains can be billed via the app of the transport association.

If you want to inform yourself, you will find all information on local transport at
The nearest stop is "Heidelberg-Pfaffengrund, Kranichweg/Stotz".

Suburban Train (S-Bahn)

For tours throughout the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, there are many S-Bahn connections via the S-Bahn station "Heidelberg-Pfaffengrund/-Wieblingen", only 1200 meters away.

More information on and

Funicular - Cable Car

The Heidelberg funicular railways take you from Heidelberg's old town to our 560 m high local mountain, the "Königstuhl".

The lower, more modern funicular runs to the middle stop "Schloss" in the tunnel and brings the passengers from 113 m above sea level to the station "Molkenkur" at 289 m above sea level. There you can change to the historic, wooden funicular, which takes you to the mountain station at 550 m above sea level.

The cable car is generally not included in the normal local transport tickets. Tickets must always be purchased separately. However, the journey to the "Schloss" stop is included in the entrance to the Heidelberg castle, so the best thing to do is buying the castle ticket at the bottom station of the cable car at "Kornmarkt" and use the ticket to travel to the level of the castle by funicular.


More information can be found at:


In Heidelberg there are electric scooters from TIER that can be used for trips if you have registered using the TIER app. Further information at . The app of our transport association VRN should also include the activation of the TIER scooters.
It should be noted, that the scooters may not be returned in Heidelberg's old town and that they must not even be parked in the pedestrian zone and other central areas, which is controlled via the app.

Rental Bicycles

In addition to the buses and trains, our local transport network - together with their partner Nextbike - also offers robust, blue rental bicycles that can be borrowed and returned at numerous stations. These stations are always close to tram stops. After registering, the bikes can be borrowed and returned via an app or by phone. Further information at .

Live Departure TimeS starting at the Hotel/Guesthouse

From Feelgood-Hotel:

With tram line 22 to central station "Hauptbahnhof Süd" (congress center), "Bismarckplatz" (old town, pedestrian area)

With bus line 36 to S-Bahn station "Heidelberg-Pfaffengrund/-Wieblingen" and the companies in the commercial areas HD-Pfaffengrund, HD-Wieblingen


From Guesthouse (stop is next to "Netto" supermarket):

With bus line 36 to S-Bahn station "Heidelberg-Pfaffengrund/-Wieblingen" and the companies in the commercial areas HD-Pfaffengrund, HD-Wieblingen, to central station "Hauptbahnhof" (North) and "Bismarckplatz" (old town, pedestrian area)


Other important transfer stations:

S-Bahn station "Heidelberg-Pfaffengrund/-Wieblingen" (reachable via bus line 36)

Heidelberg central station (reachable via tram line 22 or also bus line 36)

Mannheim central station (reachable via S-Bahn)

Live Departure TimeS to the Hotel/Guesthouse