Parking at the Hotel Feelgood Hotel

Parking is no problem and free of charge around the hotel as long as you do not block someone's driveway. Parking is only prohibited in the side street in front of our restaurant.

Using the hotel's private parking is available at a fee and must be enabled on the hotelcard.

The use of the hotel car park is possible for a fee of 9.50 EUR per night and must be activated on your hotel card. With your hotel card you can then lower the bollard and open the gate at night. For exit everything opens automatically.

Parking at the Guesthouse

Signposted car parking spaces are available in front of and behind our guesthouse.

Parking at the old town

In the area of the old town and adjacent areas of Heidelberg you can park your car in one of the underground garages.

Detailed information about the underground car parks, their opening times, prices and their current availabilities can be found at

Public parking spaces at the street are usually only available to residents with a corresponding parking pass and if not at least a paid parking ticket is to be purchased at a ticket machine.

Charging of Electric Vehicles

Since we have so far found virtually no demand for charging stations for electric vehicles, we have not yet installed a charging station, but are still waiting until charging stations with practical billing solutions come onto the market.

We recommend charging your vehicle in one of the multi-storey car parks in the old town during your stroll through town. You can find an overview of the car parks with filter option for charging stations ("E-Ladestation") at:


List of public electric vehicle charging points of the heidelberg public utility company (german)

List of public charging points in Heidelberg at (german)

List of public charging points in Heidelberg at GoingElectric (german)


However, a number of public charging points are to be built 120m away from us in a large electrical company. We would be happy to inquire for you about the current state of affairs if you need it.